Strenghts Of Keystone

Major player in cybersecurity in MENA region, with valuable expertise in setting-up cyber defense programs covering strategic, tactical and operational levels.
Keystone intervenes in the preventive, proactive and response aspects by offering a complete service list for multiple industries. Our expertise and our long experience is ensured by our internationally renowned experts.
keystone Team brings together cybersecurity specialists to support business in their digital development and digital transformation.

Keystone is committed to reversing this trend by helping its customers understand the threats to their information systems and how to respond to them and protect them.

Professional In Cybersecurity

- Strengthening the knowledge of leaders, in order to build a strategy and a security policy that is manageable, flexible and inexpensive.

- Developing a comprehensive risk management program for large companies and SMIs / SMEs.
- Providing training and skills development for cybersecurity staff, managers, IT specialists and business managers.
- Developing investigative and incident handling experts while putting in place good practices to respond to incidents.
- Strengthening awareness programs for employees as well as the organization's ecosystem to minimize inadvertent errors and develop a secure working environment in this digital world.

Keystone Labs

Keystone's teams are highly engaged in research and development through their active participation in studying new threats and new protection mechanisms. As a vulnerability researchers team, we regularly identify vulnerabilities in applications, embedded devices, and IOT technology. Our team of researchers has received numerous CVE numbers for their work. We work proactively with our clients to provide targeted research on a range of applications and systems within specific environments, including: Web and Mobile applications, embedded technology and IoT, ICS and SCADA environments, Security products, Banking Systems. A research unit was set up in partnership with the Tunisian Internet Agency for data analytics based on Big Data technology and Machine Learning, which led to the development of a real time analysis system to detect and visualize all threats affecting the entire network managed by the ATI. The system provides an integrated platform for collecting and analysing security events for a telecom operator or ISP, providing a good visibility by exploiting all available data. It allows identifying threats and launching a proactive response. The designed system provides indicators and means to analyse Internet security behaviour. A research lab on IoT security has been set up since 2017 to study IoT network architectures, conduct research to analyse and model IoT threats, develop a security evaluation approach, and develop a security protection solution.

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