Keystone’s Capacity building Program is the most effective way to equip the company with the expertise required to protect the information system, covering all layers of users and teams involved. In addition to traditional training, Keystone offers an innovative concept, in the form of a long-term stubbornness, where participants will be coached to develop very specific technical profiles, through a pedagogical approach and training;¬†emphasized on the practice and the real situation

Cybersecurity Awareness

The awareness is based on of the knowledge, skills and abilities that an individual possesses to ensure the protection of all assets in its environment. Actually it concerns the raise of maturity level of users. At this level, Keystone offers two formulas: An Accompaniment Formula and an Express Formula.

Cyber Exercices

Because crisis management is based on human capacity (ability to anticipate, making decisions, etc.) and because everyone can react differently to a crisis situation, Keystone Consulting offers training to handle situations of complex and destabilizing attacks, including those it has not planned or even imagined.

Realistic and practicable, the exercises we propose represent a real tangible way to ensure that the tools and cybersecurity mechanisms put in place are operational and efficient to deal with all types of cyber crisis situations. Their main objective is to test the reactivity and technical skills in the face of cyber-attacks. And this, with the simulation of an example of an incident response and crisis management strategy, with a view to highlighting the importance of preparation for this type of situation and the need for coordination within the organization for effective interaction with cyber -attacks.

These cyber crisis management exercises help, of course, to increase the competence of the participants who acquire, as and when the exercises, the expertise and the reflexes necessary for an effective management of an unexpected and unfavorable situation.

With their diversity, cybersecurity exercises seek to encourage coordination and information-sharing between parties / stakeholders and competitors to mitigate the attack.

Keystone has developed two type of crisis scenarios in order to better prepare the operational chain, to test defense plans and methods, and to identify possible areas of improvement for your company: Managerial & technical.

Advanced Training

In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Cybersecurity business and the businesses that flow from it, Keystone has developed a whole concept of Cyberdefense Acadmy. A concept that aims to increase the skills of employees within their organization to meet their specific needs in terms of cyberdefence.

At this level, we approach advanced technical training on cybersecurity expertise disciplines. Keystone at this level, propose a varity of training divided in Three main categories: Proactive security, IT Security and Management of the security.

Cyber Defense Academy

Keystone has developed a whole concept of Cyberdefense Acadmy. A concept that aims to increase the skills of employees within their organization to meet their specific needs in terms of cyberdefence.

The Cyberdefense Academy allows discussing advanced concepts related to cybersecurity and cyberdefense in sensitive environments and requiring a very high level of security.

With this in mind, Keystone proposes to train specialists and to create highly specialized profiles, who will have to be able to perform the duties at a very high level of specialization.

For this kind of specialization, the traditional training does not give the results expected by the companies, where the trained people will have to continue generally to continue self-training directly after the course which they had with an instructor to assimilate and to practice the concepts accumulated. But generally, for the specialized trainings, this follow-up is not assured.

It is in this perspective that the Academy intervenes to respond effectively to this training need, to conduct comprehensive courses where participants will be available for training for a fairly consistent period to ensure that after the training, participants will be directly operational.



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