Strategic Advisory

From the top, Keystone strategic advisory help your organization to develop the core competencies necessary for a robust security program in your unique environment that aligns security and business objectives.

Program Management

Assess risk and build comprehensive security programs to determine which people, process and technologies you need to improve the strength of your security program based on your unique needs.

Cybersecurity Framekwork Implementation

Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) provides a flexible, repeatable and cost-effective risk-based approach to managing information security risk through analysis of five core functions; identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. The CSF Gap Analysis empowers organizations to develop and implement security standards and management practices such NIST or ISO2700X, including the implementation and management of controls through an informed risk-based decision process.

ISMS Implementation

Implementing ISMS in an organization requires sufficient ISO27001 domain expertise. Keystone certified consultants and partners are backed with strong information security domain expertise to help organizations achieve compliance in accordance with the ISO27001 standard.

We offer:

  • ISMS Gap Analysis
  • ISMS Risk Assessment
  • ISMS Implementation Services
  • ISMS Pre-Audit Services
  • ISO27001 Certification Trainings

CERT Set-up

CERT is a central capability for analyzing events, co-coordinating technical solutions, ensuring that necessary information is conveyed to those who need such information, and training others to deal with computer security incidents.

In this context, a site, or an affiliation of sites which form a network, would be expected to have certain policies (relating to the security of their computing resources) and certain procedures (relating to the correct response to violations of these policies). It is therefore important, even before a network considers setting up a CERT, to consider whether adequate security policies and procedures are in place and whether these relate to the individual environment.

SOC Design & Implementation

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is designed to collect, integrate, and analyze alarms and logs for the sake of monitoring and threat intelligence. Additionally, an ISOC allows utilities to transition to an intelligence-driven approach to incident management, which is more effective for handling advanced threats.

Keystone helps building an SOC since it requires significant technical resources and high qualified staff in a reasonable period.

Virtual CISCO

In the face of a global talent shortage, recruiting a dedicated professional with the knowledge and leadership required to prepare and execute a successful cyber security strategy is time-consuming, expensive and often simply not viable.

Keystone’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service enables your organization to call upon a highly-qualified and experienced security professional as and when required. By acting as an extension of in-house resources and fully understanding business needs and strategy.

 A Keystone Virtual CISO can help to assess cyber-risk plus develop and implement the policies, procedures and controls needed to strengthen defenses and achieve compliance standards.

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